Immigration Law

Immigration Laws are federal. It means that they are applicable the same way within the whole territory of the United States. However, they evolve constantly through regulations, and interpretations provided by the USCIS, the Government Agency in charge of immigration in United States. Immigration Laws are vast, complicated, and must often be examined through the specific angle of other fields of laws.

Each type of visa has its proper qualifying requirements and each beneficiary of a specific status has responsibilities and rights attached to her status. An immigration status is personal and each situation is different.

We provide assistance and representation for:

• Immigrant Visas (Permanent Residence or “Green Card”) Family-based and Employment-based

• Non-Immigrants Visas: B1/B2, E1/E2, F/M/J, K1/K3-K4…


Change of status (COS)

• Extension of status (EOS)

• Adjustment of status (AOS)

• Work Permit (Employment Authorization Document or “EAD”)

• Travel Permit (Advance Parole or “AP”)

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