Practice Areas

Our firm offers counsel and representation in Immigration Law. As a matter of fact, we provide our clients advice at the intersection of Business Law and Immigration Law, when your specific situation requires it. Most often, Immigration Attorneys strictly limit their representation to the preparation of a visa petition and do not want to get involved in any other matter. However, our firm does not have this vision, and during the process of building your business visa petition, we verify that your business transactions are in conformity with Immigration Laws.

Immigration Law

Immigration Laws are federal. It means that they are applicable the same way within the whole territory of the United States. However, they evolve constantly through regulations, and interpretations provided by the USCIS. Continue reading

Business Law

Our firm advices clients in Business Law, specifically through the requirements of Immigration Laws. Business and Immigration Laws often intersect: some details are important when you are in the process of a business visa application, and some of your rights and responsibilities as a business owner ensue from your immigration status in United States.Continue reading