Immigration Law Immigration Law
Immigration Laws are federal. It means that they are applicable the same way within the whole territory of the United States. However, they evolve constantly through regulations, and interpretations provided by the USCIS, the Governement Agency in charge of immigration in United States. Read More 

Business Law Business Law
Our firm advices clients in Business Law, specifically through the requirements of Immigration Laws. Some of your rights and responsibilities ensue from your immigration status in United States. Read more


Sabrina Malek-Ghetti, Esq. 

Sabrina Malek-Ghetti, Esq. is a French attorney at law, admitted to practice law in the State of Florida. Before coming to live in Miami, Sabrina was attorney at law in France. She worked for several years in reputable Law firms before establishing her own practice in Nice. In France, Sabrina specialized in Civil, Criminal and Labor litigation. Sabrina also taught French Civil Law to accountant students in a private university for two years.

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